Lecturers of the 2nd Summer School of Heterodox Economics

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Prof. Jan Toporowski School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London


- Theory of Kalecki in a field of monetary market and economic policy
Prof. Jim Sturgeon

University of Missouri, Kansas City


- Institutional economics approaches to industrial organization
Prof. Louis-Philippe Rochon

Laurentian University,  Sudbury, Ontario Canada


- Methodology of analysis in the fields of endogenous money analysis in post-Keynesian theory
Prof. Paolo Ramazzotti

University of Macerata, Italy


- Evolutionary and institutional economics as reliable basis for public choice and economic policy performance
Prof. Wolfram Elsner

University of Bremen, Germany

- Micro and meso-economics in the evolutionary-institutional approach: interpretation of the game theory and fields of application

- Theory of institutional change

- Neoliberalism, redistribution, and financial crisis – financial capitalism trapped in an ‘impossible’ profit rate


See also the programme of the 1st Summer School of Heterodox Economics (2-6.07.2012)